A downloadable experiment

How much do you value your friendships?

Note: this game is still in active development, with new features/polish being added on a regular basis.

Participants will be placed into a hypothetical 7-day experiment, where
your Facebook friends are the only currency for survival.

If your lunch cost 2 Facebook Friends, which 2 friendships would you give up? Or would you forgo the meal?
And what if you could double your real-world salary for 150 friendships? Would you do it? Who would you choose?

Through your decisions in the experiment, players will be challenged to reflect on the nature of their friendships, how much they value them, and how they can add value to these relationships.

Stay tuned for more info (a playable pre-alpha build is coming soon).

If you are interested in testing / giving feedback on the game, please tweet or email me.

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